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Documentary film:

On the pious occasion of the 67th Republic Day – 2016 celebration, a documentary film on India’s victory in 1965 Indo – Pak war was shown.

67th Republic Day-2016

67th Republic Day-2016 has been celebrated in the Vidyalaya with with great joy and happiness.

Second Pre-Board-2015-16

Second Pre-Board Exam for class XII to be commenced from 18/01/2016

Social Science Exhibition-2015

In the Social science Exhibition-2015 our Vidyalaya got 1st Position in exhibition and 3rd Position in English debate (for).

Gandhi Jayanti and Shashtri Jayanti

Gandhi Jayanti and Shashtri Jayanti celebrated in the Vidyalaya on 01.10.2015.

Digital India Programme

06-Students got Merit Certificates in the Online Quiz under Digital India Programme.

Greeting Making Competition

Greeting Making Competition will be held in the vidyalaya on 24.04.2015 under CCA-2015-16

World Earth Day

World Earth Day celebrated in the vidyalaya on 22.04.2015.

English Calligraphy Competition

English Calligraphy Competition will be held on 17.04.2015

National Children Science Congress-2015

Miss Kanak Singh selected for National Level in NCSC-2015.

Independence Day-2015

69th Independence Day is celebrated in the Vidyalaya with joy and happiness on 15th August,2015.

Dwitiya Sopan Testing Camp-2014 organised in the vidyalaya

Dwitiya Sopan Testing Camp-2014 organised in the vidyalaya from 6th September to 8th September,2014

PTA Meeting

Parent-Teacher meeting successfully done in the Vidyalaya on 25.01.2016

GyanVani Programme

Participate GyanVani Programme every Monday 5 to 6 PM to ask the question on toll free No.1800112346

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Hindi Pakhawara

Various Competitions are conducted under Hindi Pakhawara from 12/09/2014 to 26/09/2014